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Theatre News: A Renegade Afternoon
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Vincent and Steve Van Zandt, at the fundraising event, ‘This One’s For Jack’. The night consisted of readings from several plays in honor of actor and firefighter Jack Ferry, a member of the Renegade Theater Company who passed away at the age of 42. All proceeds went to the John Augustus Ferry College Fund.


Vincent signing singing contract for the new Woody Allen play "Bullets Over Broadway"

January 2018 Vincent is currently teaching acting workshops at H.B.. Studio 120 Bank Street  NYC

Lovers and Other Strangers ~ Staged reading at The Cutting Room, Directed by Maureen Van Zandt, Steven Van Zandt,Warren Bub, Kevin Hoffman, Robert Funaro. A Renegade Theater Production

Bullets Over Broadway ~ Ogunquit Playhouse, Ogunquit, Maine Vincent plays the role of Nick Valenti. Directed by Jeff Whiting, also starring Sally Struthers

A reading of "Characters" a play by Tony Danza at Studio 353 NY, directed by Vincent Pastore and Maureen Van Zandt starring Joey Dedio and company A Renedgade Theater Group Production

Piece of my Heart, The Bert Burns Story~ Vincent plays the role of "Wassel", Broadway Workshop

A staged reading of"Peice of my Heart: The Bert Berns Story" at The 42nd St Studios

Renegade One Acts at the Kraine Theater 

  • Mama's Chair - written and directed by Vincent Pastore  
  • Kid's Menu - written by Richard Vetere  & directed by Vincent Pastore 
  • The Heist written and directed by Pamela Scott 

Queen for a Day - co starring with David Proval at St. Clements Theater, New York City

Marlon Brando Sat Right Here - Written by Louis LaRusso, Directed by Vincent Pastore, starring Maureen Van Zandt, Robert Funaro & Dan Grimaldi. Cutting Room February 2015

A performance of "Marlon Brando Sat Right Here", At The Cutting Room, NYC in 2015.

Crazy Horse - Staged reading at The Cutting Room, NYC. Directed by Maureen Van Zandt

Bullets Over Broadway - The Musical - written by Woody Allen. Vincent plays the role of 'Nick the Ganster'at the St. James Theater, NYC. Great article by Ronni Reich of The Star-Ledger entitled "Vincent Pastore of 'The Sopranos' plays a new gangster in 'Bullets over Broadway'".

Wild Children - Written and Produced by Vincent Pastore, directed by Hamilton Clancy, performed at The Drilling CompaNY, NYC; with Louis Martini, Jr. and Alicia Harding

Piece of My Heart: The Bert Berns Story. At the Roundabout Theater A reading for backers. Vincent played the role of Wazzel

Cast & Crew of Piece of my Heart: The Bert Berns Story

Short Eyes - written by Miguel Pinero, 40th Anniversary reading at the Riverside Theater. Vincent read the role of "Mr. Nett"

Italian Bred - Vincent plays the role of "Father Carpadano" in Candice Guardino's off Broadway play.

Wild Children - written by Vincent Pastore, full production Directed by Richard Quinn, Produced by Paul Borghese and Brook Malloyperformed at the Nyack Village Theatre , Nyack, NY. Starring Anthony J. Ribustello and Al Sapienza from The Sopranos, Steve Zarro. Play also Showcased at The Drilling CompaNY, NYC in December 2013. Below is a photo from that production.

Once Upon A Dream, The Rascals Directed by Steven Van Zandt, at the Richard Rogers Theater. Role of Fat Frankie

Wild Children - written by Vincent Pastore, performed at the Cherry Lane Theater, New York City, Arclight Theather and The Premier Theater in Asbury Park. Starring Robert Funaro

40 CPS - Reading directed by Robert Funaro and starring Robert Funaro

Strange Snow by Steven Metcalf. A reading for the DAV at the Kingsbridge Veterans Hospital in Bronx,, NY. Starring Joe Dandry, Marisa Miles and Vincent Pastore. Directed by Nick Puccio

Wild Children - a play written by Vincent Pastore is presently in workshop with Alicia Harding and Robert Funaro at the Cherry Lane Theater. Directed by Alice Jankell.

40CPS - A reading of the Louis LaRusso play by the Hudson Theater Works, as part of a charity event to benefit the professional level theater group. The reading featured Maureen Van Zandt, Robert Funaro, Dan Grimaldi, Anthony J. Ribustello, Ernie Mingione, James Georgiades, and Art Pasquale.

"Celebrity Autobiography" - with Bruce Vilance, Annie Golden, and Dawn Wells, in Clearwater, Florida

Vincent directed a new screenplay "Spent Grace" about a rock and roll band. Performed at The Archlight Theater.

"On The Waterfront" Performed in Frank Sinatra Park in Hoboken. Directed by Frank Licato, Vincent played the role of Johnny Friendly.

"Lamppost Reunion" A revival of the Tony Award winning play written by Louis La Russo. Show was sold out for it three week run. To see more photos click here

"Chicago" The long running show, co starred with Aida Tuturro, Mr. Pastore played Amos Hart, Mr. Cellophane man, in the Broadway production. To see more photos click here

"Guys and Dolls" Vincent joined the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra for several performances of this musical. Vincent narrated the play and performed as the character of "Big Julie". Cast included Hugh Panaro, Gary Beach and Hal Linden.

A short play written by Anastasia Triana for a benefit reading with Aida Turturro, at Studio Dante

"Two Gentlemen from Corona" reading for the Manhattan Theater Club

"Golden Boy" by Clifford Odets, directed by Frank Licato at Raw Space with Maureen Van Zandt and Robert Funaro

Bukowski's "Pulp" directed by Chris Pedito

"Painting X's on the Moon" written by Richard Vetere, co starring Jennifer Esposito, Charlie Yanko, Producer.

"Some way out of here" starring and produced by George Parlermo

"Roebling Steel" with Chris Pedito and Anastasia Triana, Regional Theater

"East of Evil" by Philip Carlo, performed at West Bank , with Frank Vincent and Tony Sirico

"Twelve Angry Men" Juror #3 performed at the Covenant House, NYC

"Marlon Brando Sat Right Here" by Louis La Russo, A reading produced by Mr. Pastore, performed at Arclight Theater

"Love, Lost and Found" Written and directed by Garry Pastore, performed at West Bank Cafe

"On the Waterfront" Charlie Yanko, Producer. An Off-Broadway production with Adrian Pasdar, Arthur Nascarella, Tony Cucci, and Charlie Yanko

"Strange Snow" A reading at the Sanford Meisner Theater.

"Mama's Chair" a one act play writte by Vincent Pastore with Joe Danry and Charles Sammarco at the Krain Theater.

    The cast of "Lamppost Reunion"

    Robert Funaro, Ricky Allieo, Anthony Rubistello, Vincent Pastore and Frank Pellegrino

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