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Television and Internet Vincent Pastore has appeared in

Wu-Tang: An American Saga - Hulu drama series

Made in Brooklyn ~ Written and Directed by Willy DeMeo

Chase Street ~ Role of Sal, episode filmed in Camden, NJ

Good 'n Screwed ~ TV Pilot by Joanna Bonaro, Vincent plays the role of "Marco" Joanna's husband. Additional cast includes Robert Funaro and Warren Bub

Hawaii 5 O - CBS television, Vincent plays the role of "Uncle Vito"

Animals - HBO animated series, episodes "Cars part 1 and 2" role of "Big Pussy"

The 5 th Borough, pilot directed by John Bianco, produced by Steve Stinalus & Richard Greico, Vincent plays "Angelo" the neighborhood boss

The Uncle Jerry Show - Pilot with Paul Borghese and Tony Darrow

Celebrity Taste Makers with Lisa Mateo WPIX NY Channel 11

Brooklyn Doula - Internet mini series. Vincent plays the lead role of Jimmy

Making of the Mob, Lucky Luciano - AMC Network

The Jack and Triumph Show - with Triumph, the insult dog

Shark Tale - "The Broccoli Wad" ABC TV

Blue Bloods Directed by Alex Hall, starring Donnie Walberg. Vincent plays character of Richie Tomlinson, a Union Delegate. Episode name is "Inside Jobs", CBS network show.

Hype a television pilot, directed by Luis Guzman

Saved by the Pole costarring with John 'Cha Cha' Ciarcia

Slice - A new reality series produced and directed by Joe Dinki

The Worlds Smartest Inventions - TruTV

Untitled Project - Filmed at Frankie's on Melrose, with John 'Cha Cha" Ciarcia and David Provale

Sherman's in Sanity - a web series directed by Robert Rothbard, Vincent plays the character of Abie-Wan

Plates on Fire - with Steven Baldwin. Filmed at the San Jose, CA Fire Department

2011 Emmys - Cameo appearance in Jane Lynch's Jersey Shore Emmys Spoof with the cast of MTV's "Jersey Shore". Aired Sunday, September 18th, 2011. To view the video click here.

Goumba Gourmet (pilot) with Chuck Zito and Nick Puccio

Famous Foods
- A reality show which aired on the
VH1 network featuring Three Six Mafia and Ashley Dupree.



Internet series tittled "Adults Only", with Danny Nucci, Sebastian Bach and Ronnie Marmo. Vincent's character is the owner of a porn store.

Pair of Kings (Disney) Premiered on September 22, 2010 - voice of Yamakoshi

The Doorman (pilot) with Nick Turturro

Old Made Men (pilot) with Lou Martini, Jr and Garry Pastore

From All Headline News:

General Hospital

The former "Sopranos" star Vincent Pastore is recently appreared on "General Hospital" last October as Maximus Giambetti, a big-time mobster who comes to Port Charles to deal with his two sons, Sonny's bodyguards Max (Derek Cheetwood) and Milo (Drew Cheetwood).

Pastore's Max comes to town thinking his eldest is actually the local mob boss - an idea that his son may have helped foster - and is not too happy to find out about his sons' lowly status in the biz.

NBC's "Celebrity Feud" with Al Roker.

Vincent Pastore on Celebrity Feud

Vincent with his family and Sopranos castmate, Kathrine Narducci raised $10,000 for his favorite charity, Lustgarten Foundation for Pancreatic Cancer/Mitchell Berke Memorial. Team Pastore beat out Hugh Hefner's Girl's Next door, but lost to Team Gifford, which included Kathy Lee Gifford and her husband former NFL player, Frank Gifford.


Donald Trump's "Celebrity Apprentice"

Vincent Pastore on Donald Trump's Celebrity Apprentice

with Piers Morgan
Vincent Pastore and Gene Simmons
Piers Morgan and Vincent during a scene from "Celebrity Apprentice"
Gene Simmons from the music group Kiss, during one
of the challenges Donald Trump presented team Hydra
with, selling hot dogs outside of Sirius studios

"Everyone Hates Chris" - UPN Network. - Vincent plays the character of “Paulie, the Bookie”. This episode was directed by Jason Alexander (Seinfeld)

"Vegas" - NBC Network - Vincent Pastore plays the character of "Jimmy the Chin". This episode featured James Caan, "Mr. Las Vegas" Wayne Newton and the Austrian born World Famous chef Wolfgang Puck.Click here to see photos from the episode!

MTV's Carson Daly Show - August 4, 2006

VH-1's Celebrity Fit Club Four

The Practice ABC Network, Final three episodes

The Sopranos HBO, Home Box Office, character Sal Bonpenserio ~ Click here to see photos from the filming of The Sopranos

Big Pussy and Silvio Dante

Queens Supreme CBS Network

ED NBC Network

Grounded for Life FOX network

Repo-Men/Stealing for a Living TLC, The Learning Channel

Vincent Pastore

Bull TNT, Turner Network Television

A slight Case of Murder TNT, Turner Network Television

Witness to the Mob NBC Network

Dellaventura CBS Network

The Last Don CBS Network

Law & Order NBC Network

One Life to Live ABC Network

Vincent Pastore

America's Most Wanted FOX Network

Less than Perfect ABC Network

Son of Beach FX Network

"New York Sports: Big Shots and Bad Guys" - Narrator PBS Network

"For Your Love" - WB Network

"Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn" - Comedy Central

Vincent has just completed a series of promotional spots for the website and for the Soap Opera "General Hospital ." Look for them both on the ABC network and Vincent will be joining the cast in the fall.

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