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Movies that Vincent Pastore has appeared in

Birthday Cake ~ with Val Kilmar, character "Vito"

Awakening Arlene a short film by Brad Forenza

Studio Visit ~ Cowritten & Directed by Tania Raymonde & Zio Ziegler. Vincent plays the role of "Papi"

Made in Chinatown by Mark Wiley, Vincent plays the role of Don Condimento. Features Tony Darrow and Raymond Barry. Won Best Actor at Newark International Film Festival

Vault ~ Directed by Tommy Denucci, a Verdi Film Production

Sarah Q - Directed by John Gallager Vincent plays "Mr. Tommy" opposite Tony Sirico, who plays "Mr. Danny"

Booze, Broads & Blackjack - Directed by Rickey Bird. With Felissa Rose. Vincent plays a Syracuse Mob Boss

Dinosaur - starring Joan Jett & Chuck Zito. Vincent plays a FBI Agent

Clinton Road - Directed by Steve Stanulis, Produced by Richard Grieco, with Ice T, Vincent plays the character of a club owner

St. Joseph - Written by Katherine Miccio and Directed by Ronnie Marmo

The Stickup  - Music video with Chris Webby, video also features Skrizzly Adams

Stano - Starring Joe Manganiello, Directed by Raymond De Felitta. Vincent plays the role of Cosmo the bartender

Black Wake - Role of Dr. Jones with Chuck Zito & David Gere

Bully - Indie filmed in Toms River, NJ

Pasquale's Magic Veal ~ Written and Directced by D.J. Higgins. Starring Joe Donofrio, Artie Pasquale & Dan Grimaldi.

Respect The Shooter ~ starring French Montana, Vincent plays role of "Johnny Ham"

Blood Circus ~ starring Tom Sizemore & Chuck Zito, produced by David Gere

Kid's Menu ~ written by Richard Vetere, directed and produced by Paul Borghese, Vincent co star is Nyle Lynn

The Last Trip ~ a film short, directed by John Gallagher Vincent plays a the role of a Funeral Director in the Bronx

Who's Jenna? - Indie Comedy with Vic De Benedetto , Joe Donofrio, and Garry Pastore

Father - directed by Emilio Rosa with Frankie Avalon, David Provale and Daryl Hannah. Vincent plays Mr. Vincent a politician

The Eyes - Directed by Robbie Bryan, co star Nick Turturro. Vincent plays the role of Harry the horse rancher

Pitching Tents - Indie film, with Jim Norton, Vincent plays Tony, the owner of a Meat Market

Oiled up with Chuck Zito, Eric Roberts & Larry Romano. Vincent plays the role of Detective Borelli

Calico Skies - Indie film with Tom Sizemore. Vincent plays the character 'Borelli'

Staten Island Summer - Vincent plays the role of Ashely Greene's (The Twilight Saga) wise guy father. Film produced by Lorne Michaels (Saturday Night Live)

The Family (formally titled "Malavita") - Directed by Luc Besson, starring Robert DeNiro, Opens September 13, 2013

Hypothetically - a short film directed by Peter Zinn with Mickey Summer and Joe Forbrich

Tumbleweed - written and directed by Emilio Rosa. Vincent stars with Al Sapienza, Emilio Rosa and Martin Kove. A story of deception in the desert, .presently in post production.

University of the Streets  - Indie Film Short directed by Brian Ferber

Surviving Famiy - Vincent plays the role of the Mayor of Jersey City in this Independent Film Production

Thinkin with Richard - Starring Saul Stein (filmed in Massachusetts)

Once Upon a Time in Brooklyn (original title "Goat") - Directed by Paul Borghese. Vincent plays the character of Luigi, a barber. Presently this film is in post production. Check back here for updates when it will be released. Visit the website here.

Holy Meatballs ~ a short film written and produced by Vincent Pastore, directed by Bobby Shennen and Vincent. Featuring Vincent Pastore, Judy Gold, Pat Cooper, Jackie Martling and John 'Cha Cha' Ciarcia.

Vincent Pastore and Judy Gold
Judy Gold Jackie Mason  Vincent Pastore
John Ciarcia, Pat Cooper, Judy Gold, Vincent Pastore

Alienated ~ Vincent won Best Actor Award at the GIAA Festival of Short Films and Videos, Directed by Pau Borghese (

I'm in Love with a Church Girl ~ Filmed in San Jose, California with Ja Rule and Steven Baldwin

Joshua Tree - Filmed in New York's Little Italy starring Michael Madsen (Reservoir Dogs)

Torture Chamber ~ directed by Dante Tomaselli. Vincent plays Dr Fiore in the horror genre. Filmed in New Jersey.

The Briefcase ~ A crime caper filmed deep in the New Jersey Pine Barrens. Stars Kip Pardue (remember the Titans) Soon to screen at Independent Film Festivals.

Red Herring ~ a neo-noir murder mystery set in the high style of Las Vegas . Vincent plays the hero's arch nemesis, Saffiote. Check out updates at

Profound Language ~ Filmed in South Beach. An Independent Feature

Oy Vey! My Son Is Gay!! ~ Starring Lainie Kazan, John Lloyd Young, Bruce Vilanch, Carmen Electra and Saul Rubinek. Filmed in Spokane, Washington. Winner of several Awards

Tricks of a Woman ~ with Carlos Leone and Scott Elrod (Men in Trees). Filmed in Boston. Co stars Carlos Leon. Vincent plays a owner of a restaurant on the wharf. The movie will premiere at the Monaco International Film Festival December 4, 2008.

Street Boss ~ The true story of FBI Agent Phil Kerby, filmed in Saginaw, with Nick Turturro and Robert Gallo.

Split Ends ~ Directed by Dorothy Lyman (The Nanny). Vincent plays Tiny Provanzano, a small town Jersey mayor. Janet Sarno as his Aunt Connie.

Pizza with Bullets ~ Directed by Robert Rothbard starring Talia Shire, Ronnie Marmo and Tony Longo. Winner of several Independent Film Awards.

Devil's Dominoes ~ Directed by Scott Prestin A film with Vincent and Daniel Baldwin. Now available on DVD

Gotti HBO, Home Box Office with Armand Assante, Anthony Quinn and Dominick Chinanese

Return to Sleepaway Camp ~ One of Issac Hayes last films, Vincent starred with Issac in this sequel to the horror cult film, Sleepaway Camp is directed by Robert Hiltzik and will be released on November 4, 2008.

Vincent Pastore and Issac Hayes in "The Return to Sleepaway Camp"

College Road Trip ~ Directed by Roger Kumble. Starring Martin Lawrence. Available on DVD.

College Road Trip with Martin Lawrence

Lucky Man ~ Directed by Ruvin Orbach. Featuring Vincent and Frank Vincent. Available on DVD.

Code Blue ~ Directed by Arthur Alston. Co starring Chuck Zito. Story of a rookie cop. Vincent plays the Desk Sergeant post production

Slice ~ (2007) A film short with Kathrine Narducci and James Madio

Heavens Messenger ~ Russ Emanuel Director with John Heard and Howard Nash.

Looking for Palladin ~ Director Andrzej Krakowski starring Talia Shire and Ben Gazzara. Filmed in Filmed in the city of Antigua, Guatemala. To see some photos from the filming of the movie, click here.

Dough Boys ~ A heartwarming tale, written and directed by Louis Lombardi. To view a behind the scene video from the movie, click here. Available on DVD November 18.

Strike (formally 7-10 Split ) ~ with Tara Reid, directed by her brother, Tommy Reid. Release date on DVD is June 9, 2009

Revolver ~ Guy Ritchie Director with Ray Liotta and Jason Statham. Filmed in London and the Isle of Mann.

Shark Tale ~ Dreamworks/animated voice of Luca, with the voices of Jack Black, Michael Imperioli, Robert De Niro, Martin Scorsese, and Will Smith

Meet the Mobsters aka Johnny Slade's Greatest Hit's ~ John Fiore Director with Vincent Curatola, Gianni Russo

Tony Ray Rossi, Steven R. Schirripa, Joe Rigano, Vincent Pastore, Gianni Russo

From Left to Right: Tony Ray Rossi, Steven R. Schirripa, Joe Rigano, Vincent Pastore, Gianni Russo on the set of "Meet the Mobsters" aka "Johnny Slade's Greatest Hits"

Bachelor Party Vegas ~ Director Eric Bernt, Filmed at the Golden Nugget with Jaime Pressly

Tale of Two Pizzas ~ Vincent Sassone Director with Frank Vincent

Spy ~ (post production) Alexander Klymko, Director with John 'Cha Cha' Ciarcia and Ben Curtis

Remedy ~ Christian Maelen Director, with Arthur J. Nascarella, Chuck Zito, Rick Aiello, Maureen Van Zandt

From the film, "Remedy" with Maureen Van Zandt

The Cookout ~ Lance Rivera Director, with
with JaRule and Queen Latifah

American Cousins ~ Director Don Coutts, with Danny Nucci and Dan Hedeya. Filmed on location in Scotland

Last Request ~ Directed by John DeBellis, with Danny Aiello, Frank Vincent, Joe Piscopo

Serving Sara ~  Reginald Hudlin, Director with Matthew Perry, Elizabeth Hurley, Jerry Stiller

From the movie "Serving Sara"

Deuces Wild ~ Director, Scott Kalvert with Drea de Matteo, Matt Dillon, Deborah Harry

Riding in Cars with Boys ~ Penny Marshall Director, with Drew Barrymore, Lorraine Bracco, Rosie Perez

Mail Order Bride ~ Directed by Robert Capelli Jr. & Jeffrey Wolf starring Danny Aiello, Artie Lang

Basketball Dairies ~ Directed by Scott Kalvert with Lorraine Bracco and Leonardo DiCaprio

Corky Romano ~ Directed by Robert Pritts with Pater Falk and Chris Penn  

The Bet ~ Director Ted Demme's first film, a short, with Tony Lip

Backstreet Dreams ~ Directed Rupert Hitzig and Jason O'Malley with Brooke Shields, Burt Young

Six Ways to Sunday ~ Adam Bernstein Director with Debbie Harry, Adrian Brody, Issac Hayes   

Blue Moon ~ Director John A. Gallagher, with Ben Gazzara, Rita Moreno and Burt Young

Made ~ Written and Directed by Jon Favreau, with Vince Vaughn, Peter Falk

Under Hellgate Bridge ~ Director Michael Sergio, with Michael Rodrick, Dominic Chianese

Two Family House ~ Raymond De Felitta, Director with Michael Rispoli, Kathrine Narducci, Matt Servitto, Michele Santopietro, Louis Giss, Sharon Angela

Sunset Park ~ Sunset Park Directed by Steve Gomer with Rhea Perlman

Joe's Apartment ~ Directed by John Payson

All Over Me ~ Alex Sichel, Director with Tara Subkoff

The Hurricane ~ Director Norman Jewison, with Denzel Washington, Rod Steiger

Mickey Blue Eyes ~ Director Kelly Makin, Hugh Grant, James Caan, Burt Young, Tony Darrow, Frank Pellegrino, John Ventimiglia, Joe Rigano

Mafia ~ directed by Jim Abrams...a spoof on The Godfather, starring Lloyd Bridges, Tony Lo Bianco and Joe Viterelli

Goodfellas ~ directed by Martin Scorsese. Vincent had a small role in this big film...see if you can spot him as "man with coat rack"

Men of Respect ~ Directed by William Reilly, with John Turturro, Dennis Farina, Dan Grimaldi

The Deli ~ John A. Gallagher Director, with Michael Imperioli, Matt Keeslar, Mike Starr, Tony Sirico, Burt Young and Frank Vincent   

West New York ~ Phil Gallo Director, with Frank Vincent, Brian McCormack

Who's the Man ~ Ted Demme Director, with Ice-T, Colin Quinn, Denis Leary, Joe Lisi and Tony Lip

Walking and Talking  ~ Written and Directed by Nicole Holofcener, with Anne Heche  

Brooklyn State of Mind ~ Frank Rainone, Director, with Vincent Spano, Danny Aiello, Abe Vigoda, Rick Aiello, Tony Danza

The Jerky Boys ~ James Melkonian Director, with John G. Breenan, Suzanne Shepherd, Alan Arkin and Kamal Ahmed   

It Could Happen to You ~ Andrew Bergman Director, with Nicolas Cage, Bridget Fonda, Rosie Perez, Issac Hayes

Handgun ~ Whitney Ransick Director, with Treat WIlliams, Paul Schulze, Frank Vincent

Carlito's Way ~ Brian De Palma Director, with Al Pacino, Sean Penn. Character ~ Mob Boss at the Copa

The Ref ~ Directed by Ted Demme, with Kevin Spacey and Denis Leary. Look real hard, Vincent plays a State Trooper

Awakenings ~ Penny Marshall Director, with Robert De Niro, Robin Williams, John Heard. Look for Vincent as "ward 5, patient 6"

True Love ~ Nancy Savoca Director, with Annabella Sciorra, Aida Turturro, Ron Eldard and Steven Randazzo

Who do I Gotta Kill? ~ Frank Rainone Director, with Tony Darrow, Richard Bright, Steve Buscemi, John 'Cha Cha' Ciarcia

Black Roses ~ John Fasano Director, with Carmine Appice, Julie Adams. Vincent's first film

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